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Model H14F
 Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Pump
 316 SS
 Sealed | Mag-Drive
Port Connections 2 1/2" FLG*
Max Flow Rate 58 GPM; 220 LPM
Max Differential Pressure 225 PSI; 15.5 BAR
Max Discharge Pressure 270 PSIG; 18.6 BARG
Max Temperature 500 °F; 260 °C
Min Temperature -40 °F; -40 °C
Max Viscosity 100,000 CPS (mPas)
Max Speed 1150 RPM
NPSHR @ Max Speed 3 FT; 0.9 M
Lift (Dry) @ Max Speed 20 FT; 6.1 M
Weight (without motor)
  Sealed, Long-Coupled
  Sealed, Close-Coupled
  Mag, Close-Coupled

67 LBS; 30.5 KGS
95 LBS; 43.2 KGS
95 LBS; 43.2 KGS
Liquiflo H-Series Gear Pumps are manufactured from
316 Stainless Steel or Alloy-C, and are available in both Sealed and Mag-drive configurations. These pumps are available in a wide variety of internal materials to pump a broad range of chemicals, such as polymers, solvents, acids, caustics and other corrosive liquids.
*Standard Flanges are ANSI 150# RF.

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Performance Curves
H14F (pdf)
Dimensional Drawings
H14F Sealed CC FLG (pdf)
H14F Sealed CC FLG Base (pdf)
H14F MC CC FLG (pdf)
H14F MC CC FLG Base (pdf)
H14F Sealed LC FLG (pdf)
H14F Sealed LC FLG Base (pdf)
Product Manuals
H14F Sealed LC(pdf)
H14F Sealed CC(pdf)
H14F Mag-Drive CC(pdf)
Model Coding
H-Series (pdf)
Bill of Materials
H14-Series (pdf)



H14F Performance Curves  
H14F Dimensional Drawings  

 H14F Sealed with Flanged Ports, Long-Coupled

Model H14F
Dimensional Data (inches) for available Seal Configurations
Dimension Single Mechanical Seal
Double Mechanical Seal
CP (1) 14.78 14.89
L 9.95 9.95
N 1.78 1.48 (2)
(1) Add .31 inches for Bearing Flush Plugs.
(2) Minimum dimension.


H14F Sealed & Mag-Drive with Flanged Ports, Close-Coupled



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