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Model H7N
 Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Pump
 316 SS |  Alloy-C
 Sealed | Mag-Drive
Port Connections 3/4" NPT/BSPT
3/4" FLG*
Max Flow Rate 5.4 GPM; 20.4 LPM
Max Differential Pressure 225 PSI; 15.5 BAR
Max Discharge Pressure 225 PSIG; 15.5 BARG
Max Temperature 500 °F; 260 °C
Min Temperature -40 °F; -40 °C
Max Viscosity 100,000 CPS (mPas)
Max Speed 1750 RPM
NPSHR @ Max Speed 5.2 FT; 1.6 M
Lift (Dry) @ Max Speed 6 FT; 1.8 M
Weight (without motor)
  Sealed, Long-Coupled
  Sealed, Close-Coupled
  Mag, Close-Coupled

6.5 LBS; 3.0 KGS
29 LBS; 13 KGS
36 LBS; 16.4 KGS
Liquiflo H-Series Gear Pumps are manufactured from
316 Stainless Steel or Alloy-C, and are available in both Sealed and Mag-drive configurations. These pumps are available in a wide variety of internal materials to pump a broad range of chemicals, such as polymers, solvents, acids, caustics and other corrosive liquids
*Standard Flanges are ANSI 150# RF.

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Performance Curves
H7N (pdf)
Dimensional Drawings
H7F/R/N Sealed LC (pdf)
H7F/R/N Sealed LC Base (pdf)
H7F/R/N MC CC (pdf)
H7F/R/N MC LC Base (pdf)
Product Manuals
H1F-H9F Sealed LC&CC (pdf)
H1F-H9F Mag-Drive CC (pdf)
Model Coding
H-Series (pdf)
Bill of Materials
H7-Series (pdf)



H7N Performance Curves  
H7N Dimensional Drawings  

 H7N Sealed with Threaded Ports, Long-Coupled

Model H7N
Dimensional Data (inches) for available Seal Configurations
Dimension Single Mechanical Seal
Double Mechanical Seal
CP (1) 8.20 8.20
L 5.98 5.98
N 1.23 1.25 (2)
(1) Add .31 inches for Bearing Flush Plugs.
(2) Minimum dimension.


 H7N Mag-Drive & Sealed with Threaded Ports, Close-Coupled



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