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LIQUIFLO Equipment Company is a division of Picut Industries, a privately owned conglomerate of companies that produces precision products for the chemical, aerospace, automotive, electronics and commercial manufacturing industries. (For more information on Picut Industries, please refer to the following website: www.picutind.com)

Headquartered in Garwood, NJ, LIQUIFLO is an international company that engineers, manufacturers and markets sealed and mag-drive gear pumps and centrifugal pumps.

Since 1972, LIQUIFLO has been a leading manufacturer of high-alloy gear pumps and centrifugal pumps - designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of the chemical processing industry. LIQUIFLO gear pumps have handled thousands of difficult chemicals and have been successfully applied in many difficult pumping situations, including high-viscosity, high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

One of LIQUIFLO'S best achievements is the application of gear pumps to low-viscosity fluids by using a wide variety of non-metallic, self-lubricating components. In addition, LIQUIFLO was one of the first companies to apply magnetic-drive technology to gear pumps. By focusing mainly on chemical applications, LIQUIFLO has earned the reputation as one of the world's leading pump companies.

Why choose LIQUIFLO?

•  For decades, LIQUIFLO has led the field in engineered pumps designed to meet customer needs for metering, circulation and transfer of process fluids. Our pumps provide high reliability for handling difficult services, including high-temperature, low-flow and indefinite dry-running. The benefits to the customer include increased uptime, high operational effectiveness and less frequent service requirements.

•  LIQUIFLO has extensive experience pumping thousands of difficult chemicals including acids, caustics, corrosive salts, solvents, polymers, viscous fluids and toxic, noxious and hazardous liquids.

•  LIQUIFLO offers a wide selection of gear and centrifugal pumps to handle a variety of chemical applications.
61 standard pump models are available. In addition, LIQUIFLO can custom engineer pumps to meet your specific requirements.

•  Most LIQUIFLO pumps models have the choice of any sealing, mounting or port configurations: Sealed vs. Mag-drive; long-coupled vs. close-coupled; threaded vs. flanged ports.

•  LIQUIFLO offers a large selection of ancillary options and accessories. These include repair kits, cartridges, flanges, sanitary fittings, temperature-control jackets, relief valves, motors, variable speed drives, gearboxes, base plates, the power frame and S-adapter.

•  LIQUIFLO'S conscientious and efficient manufacturing procedures ensure that quality products will reach the customer in the fastest time possible. Standard pumps, cartridges, kits and parts are typically shipped within 1 to 3 workdays.

•  LIQUIFLO'S improved full-color product literature and customer support material are available for viewing, printing and downloading. Available documents include the Product Catalog, Condensed Product Guide, brochures, information sheets, sell sheets, product manuals, specification charts, performance curves, dimensional drawings, Application Notes, the Chemical Resistance Chart and the Application Data Sheet.

•  LIQUIFLO offers the following special options: custom assemblies, certified or custom drawings, Certificate of Conformance, Foundry Certified Material Test Reports, witnessed performance and hydrostatic testing, and custom tagging.

•  Our experienced application engineers, customer service representatives and worldwide network of distributors are available to assist you with your special chemical pumping applications.

Engineered and Developed to Meet Your Needs

A strong R&D commitment and an understanding of industry concerns put LIQUIFLO out front as a leader in highly engineered positive displacement and centrifugal pumps. We have long understood the need for sealless pumps to satisfy maintenance and environmental concerns. In fact, LIQUIFLO developed mag-drive technology, and supplied this Best Available Technology ten years before the United States Congress legislated the Clean Air Act.

The technology employed in LIQUIFLO mag-drive pumps, our Barrier series and our more traditional sealed models have been proved repeatedly in long-term, rugged service. To date, more than 25,000 LIQUIFLO magnetically driven pumps have been placed in service around the globe.

Partnering in Many Markets

LIQUIFLO solutions are at work in pump installations in every industrial process: chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, water and wastewater treatment, hydrocarbon processing, mining, textiles, fertilizers, adhesives and coatings, iron and steel, metal finishing and a host of OEM applications.

Best Technically Oriented Distributors in the World

LIQUIFLO's quality design and manufacturing are complemented by international, technically astute, pump distributors. These knowledgeable, factory-trained representatives are strategically located to offer rapid response and cost-effective solutions to your needs.

Their services include answers to your tough application questions and skilled assistance with pump selection, including the LIQUIFLO wide range of standard models and customized designs to meet your specific fluid processing needs.

LIQUIFLO distributors are also equipped to provide the aftermarket support and service required in today's marketplace. LIQUIFLO and its distributors are committed to providing you with quality products, on time, every time.

These distributors are chosen by LIQUIFLO to serve as pumps specialists. They help serve you, our customers, by providing the best cost-effective pumps for your application; and if LIQUIFLO cannot provide the exact pump you require, these pump specialists will provide an alternate solution.

Team LIQUIFLO United to Serve

LIQUIFLO innovative products and guiding principles rely on the experience of our regional managers and application engineers, and when united with our distributors, form Team LIQUIFLO, to provide our customers with the best possible solutions and technology that's right for you.



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