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The 2-Series gear pumps were designed for low flow applications. Their compact and rugged design makes them ideal for many applications, including chemical dosing and metering, pipeline sampling and wastewater treatment. They are available in corrosion-resistant 316 Stainless Steel and Mag-Drive configuration.

Models 2R & 2F - Mag-Drive, Close-Coupled
2-Series Specifications Click any Model # below to access
page for that individual model:
  2-SERIES MODEL   2R 2F  
  Port Connections:  NPT




Max Flow Rate
15 30  
  Max Differential Pressure
225 225  
Max Discharge Pressure
350 350  
  Max Temperature
500 500  
Max Speed
1750 1750  
  NPSHR @ Max Speed
3 3  
Weight (without motor)
  Mag, Close-Coupled
5 5  

  NPSHR = Net Positive Suction Head Required
Available Materials Of Construction  
Available Sealing Configurations  
Magnetically Coupled (sealless)

The magnetically coupled or mag-drive pump is the best method for handling toxic, noxious, crystallizing, or most other hazardous liquids since it completely contains the pumpage by isolating the drive shaft inside the pump housing. With no dynamic seal to leak or replace, the maintenance issues associated with seal leakage are eliminated. All Liquiflo gear pumps are available with magnetic drive.
Available Options & Accessories  
Repair Kits
Repair Kits simplify inventory and speed repair. All parts can also be purchased separately.

Relief Valves
Positive displacement pumps should be installed with a relief valve in the discharge line to protect the pump and piping against any type of line blockage including the inadvertent closing of an isolation valve. Liquiflo manufactures two sizes of relief valves in both 316 SS and Alloy-C.

Base Plate Mounting
2-Series pumps can be base-mounted when close-coupled to a motor.

Hard-Coated Shafts
Hard-coated shafts are used to extend pump life in difficult applications requiring higher levels of wear resistance. Ceramic Chrome Oxide (CO) and Tungsten Carbide (TC) coatings are available.


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