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Model AB 3 x 1½ x 6
 ANSI Group I Centrifugal Pump
 316 Stainless Steel
Suction Port 3" FLG*
Discharge Port 1 1/2" FLG*
Impeller Diameter (Full Size) 6"
Max Flow Rate 360 GPM
Max Total Head 170 FT
Max Speed 3550 RPM
NPSHR @ Max Speed & BEP 11 FT
Max Temperature 350 °F
Min Temperature -60 °F

Max Discharge Pressure
 @ Max Temperature
 @ Min Temp. to 100°F

205 PSIG
275 PSIG
Weight (without motor)
 Mag-Drive, Close-Coupled

92 LBS

*ANSI 150# RF Flanges are standard; ANSI 300# RF Flanges are optional.

Endura Air Barrier 3 x 1.5 x 6
Mag-Drive, Close-Coupled

The AB (air-barrier) combines the best features of a standard sealed pump with that of a mag-drive pump, while eliminating the drawbacks commonly associated with these designs. This patented design makes the ENDURA® AB unlike any other pump in the industry.


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Performance Curves
AB 3x1.5x6 - 1750/3500 (pdf)
AB 3x1.5x6 - 1400/2900 (pdf)
Dimensional Drawings
Group I AB Close-Coupled (pdf)
Group I Close-Coupled Base (pdf)
Group I Long-Coupled Base (pdf)
Power Frame (pdf)
Sectional Drawing
Group I AB 6" Impeller (pdf)
Product Manual
Group I AB (pdf)
Model Coding
Endura AB Series (pdf)
Bill of Materials
Group I AB (pdf)




Home / Centrifugal Pumps / Endura / AB Series / AB 3 x 1.5 x 6